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Half Dozen Egg Tray
Half Dozen Egg Tray

Half Dozen Egg Tray


Storing and transporting your eggs just got a whole lot easier with our wooden egg tray. Although designed for the play kitchen in mind, we have found the egg tray has multiple learning benefits. For example, learning to count 1 - 6 or learning about sizes big and small to find out which objects can fit in the wood dimples. 

Let your child/ren run wild with their creativity and imagination. This tray may become the perfect placeholder for a selection of flowers, gemstones or edible seeds.  

Measurements (approx.)

Egg Tray  19cm L  x  13cm W  x  1.8cm H
    • Price is for Egg Holder only you can purchase our wood eggs here.
    • Made from NZ Macrocarpa wood and finished with a light coat of beeswax.
    • Each of our egg trays are handmade and we do our best to space and align the wood dimples evenly, but we cannot guarantee these will be perfect every time. 

Handcrafted items are made with love and may have small imperfections, which only add character and uniqueness to the pieces. If you are a bit of a perfectionist, then handcrafted items may not be right for you.

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