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Farm Set
Farm Set
Farm Set

Farm Set


Limited Edition Set

We've put together a fun little farm set.   This wooden set is wonderful on its own or added to other sets to give a village feel.  Also makes a wonderful bedroom display.

Measurements (approx.):

15.2cm Long x 14cm High x 4.4cm Thick
Autumn Tree
9.3cm wide x 17.8cm High x 3.2cm Thick
Farmers Wife
9cm Height  x  3.8cm Diameter 
9.2cm Height  x  2.8cm Diameter 
Tree Stump
10.5cm Wide x 8.3cm High x 3.1cm Thick
Hay Stack 8cm wide x 9.5cm High x 3.2cm Thick
Ball Animal x 3 5cm Diameter ( with flat bottom)
Barrel 4.5cm Diameter x 3.6cm High
  • Set includes: (11 Pieces)  1 x Barn, 1 x Tree, 1 x Farmer, 1 x straw hat, 1 x Farmers wife , 3 x Ball animals, 1 x tree stump, 1 x Hay stack, 1 x barrel 
  • Each piece is hand painted, so no two sets will be exactly the same.
  • Painted with non-toxic VOC-free paint. 
  • Finished with a light coat of beeswax.
  • Wood grain / pattern / colour will vary from set to set 
  • Wood = Pine (tree, tree stump, hay stack), Hardwood (Peg dolls, ball animals, barrel), Macrocarpa (Barn) 

Handcrafted items are made with love.  They may have some small imperfections, which only had to the uniqueness and character of the pieces.  If you are a bit of a perfectionist then these sets may not be right for you.