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Giant Wood Gems - Bright

Giant Wood Gems - Bright


7 x light weight untreated pine wood. Each piece hand cut, sculpted, lightly sanded, and painted with water-based VOC-free non-toxic paint.  Length sizes vary from approx 10cm Long to 6cm long

Rainbow coloured set

These are perfect for adding to block sets. The creative play is endless. Ideal for stacking, building, sorting, balancing, counting, creating, or patterning. 


Painted - Beeswax Finish Cut, sanded, painted and a light beeswax finish.
  • Colours and shapes will vary from photos as each set is hand cut and sanded.  No two sets are identical.
  • Not intended for outdoor and/or rough play. 
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 or those who have a tendency to put objects in their mouth.