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Rustic Sticks
Rustic Sticks
Rustic Sticks
Rustic Sticks

Rustic Sticks


"...5...6... pick up sticks"

A beautiful bundle of 15x rustic sticks for your loose parts collection. Children are able to use these sticks in their imaginative play to create a campfire (we recommend pairing it with our 'Enchanted Playsilk - Fire'), or they may become fallen trees in their nature and animal play.

  • Lengths of sticks vary between 12.5cm - 30cm.
  • Thickness diameter approx 1cm
  • Sticks have been sanded to ensure there are no sharp edges.
  • Hand painted with non-toxic VOC-free natural paint. 
  • Finished with a light coat of beeswax.
  • Made from a hardwood.
Please note that each set is uniquely handmade resulting in no two sets being the same. 
Caution choking hazard. Not suitable for children under the age of 3 and/or those who have the tendency to put objects in their mouth. We highly advise that rules are in place when children have access ie: 'walking with sticks. If we run with sticks we may hurt ourselves or others'.


Prices for rustic sticks ONLY. Accessories in photos not included.