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SECOND - Sand Tray
SECOND - Sand Tray
SECOND - Sand Tray

SECOND - Sand Tray

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Sometimes things just don't go to plan in our workshop.
The Sand Tray in the photo is the tray you will receive.
Issue with this sand tray was a chip of wood out of the back near the edge.  
We have sanded down to make it tidy, but it leaves a small indentation (see photo)


A multi purpose tray that makes for the perfect creative play and learning resource.

When utilising sand in the tray young children may use this tray as a tactile and sensory experience to form squiggly lines, zig zags, or straight lines in the sand. It may even become the perfect tray for transporting, storing, or simply making beautiful arts and crafts on.

At a school age level this may be the perfect tool to trace out numbers, letters, and word formations in the sand. The slot at the top of the board makes for the ideal resting space for a letter or number flash card.

Measurements (approx.)

Wood Tray  24.3cm L  x  16.5cm H  x  1.8cm thick


  • We recommend using fine fresh water sand in the tray to give the best effect
  • Wood = NZ untreated Macrocarpa
  • Finish = Light coat Beeswax  

Please note that this resource is handmade and may have some small imperfections, which we feel only adds charm, uniqueness and character to this resource.  Grain patterns in the wood will vary from board to board and we cannot control these patterns.

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