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Speed Boat Set
Speed Boat Set
Speed Boat Set

Speed Boat Set


Our Speed Boat is made from Macrocarpa wood and finished with a light beeswax and comes with  4 x unfinished wooden Peg Dolls
Measurements (approx):
Boat 15.5cm Long x 7.5cm Wide x 4.8cm High (Highest part)
Peg Doll  6cm High x 2.2cm Diameter
  • Set includes:  1 x boat, 4 x Peg Dolls
  • Not meant to go in the water and will not float.   Land use only !
  • No two boats will be the same.  Each is individually hand cut and sanded.
  • NOT SUITABLE for children under 3 years of age. Contains small items which are a Choking hazard.   Remember, anything that can pass through a toilet paper roller is a choking hazard.

Please note that this resource is handmade. If you are wanting perfectly cut and sanded edges and everything in completely straight alignment/rows then this may not be for you. We think it adds to the character, charm, and individual uniqueness of this resource.