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Tamzee Doll - DIY
Tamzee Doll - DIY
Tamzee Doll - DIY
Tamzee Doll - DIY

Tamzee Doll - DIY


MADE TO ORDER - Ships in 1 week
If ordering other items from our store at the same time, these will combined and sent in one shipment. 


Our Tamzee Dolls are ideal for transforming into fairies, elves, humans, goblins, animals or any favourite fictional character. The creative possibilities are endless! We'd love to see all of your creative and imaginative ideas! 

Measurements (approx.)

Tamzee Doll 5.5cm Wide x 1.8cm Thick x 10.2cm High (at Highest point)

  • Price is for 1 x Tamzee only 
  • Wood = untreated NZ Macrocarpa
  • Lightly sanded
  • Wood grain/pattern and colour will vary from doll to doll. 
  • Choice of 3 variations - short hair, blank/plain and long hair
Our painting examples were all done on the short hair Tamzee doll.

This product is crafted by us in our backyard workshop. This is part of our DIY (do it yourself) collection, so there will still be rough spots that need to be sanded. It is up to you to finish the sanding to your liking before decorating with paint or choice of finish. Please read the labels on paint and finishes to ensure they are child safe before use! 

If you are wanting perfectly cut and sanded edges and everything in completely straight alignment/rows then this product may not be for you. We think it adds to the character, charm, and individual uniqueness of this resource.