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Tea Set #521B

Tea Set #521B


A beautifully unique and locally sourced small sized tea set. Whether it's a morning-tea, afternoon-tea, or brunch in the garden. This is the perfect set to support your child/s social development, imaginative play, and exploration. 

This set is ideal for messy play - sand, bark, or mud. However, can be set up beautifully inside. 


Measurements: (approx.)

Teapot 16.5cm Diameter (widest part not including handle & spout)  x  11.5cm Length (handle to spout)  x  9.4cm 
Milk Jug 5.4cm Diameter (widest part)  x  8.5cm Length (handle to spout)  x  6cm Height
lidded sugar Bowl 5.2cm Diameter (widest part)  x  3.5cm Height 
spoon 7.7cm Long x 1.3cm (widest part)
Saucer 12cm Diameter
Cup 6.5cm Diameter  x  9cm Length (handle included)  x  5.3cm Height
Tray 41cm Long x 27cm Widest part


  • Teaset includes(9 pieces): 1x teapot, 1x milk jug, 1x sugar bowl,1 x spoon, 1x  tray, 2x cups and 2 x saucers

Note:  The teapot has no lid.  The sugar bowl with spoon is actually a mustard pot and the teapot a hot water jug - but for pretend play they are a teapot and sugar bowl :)

We have endeavoured to source stainless steel or a good metal composite. We avoid silver plated items due to the nature of the metal tarnishing and wearing over time.  As these items are preloved the sets may be mismatched sets and have minor imperfections.

NOT SUITABLE for children under 3 years as set contains small parts - CHOKING HAZARD