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Colour Wheel
Colour Wheel
Colour Wheel

Colour Wheel


Made to order - ships in 2 weeks
If ordering other items from our store at the same time, please note these will all be combined and sent in one shipment.


Our Colour Wheel is designed to be versatile and fun. Learn all about the colours of the rainbow (ROY G BIV) in a mix n' match game, or utilise the discs as Loose Parts. The colourful discs may become cookies, pizza, plates or coasters to name a few in your child's imaginative play.

We also have this set available in our DIY range. For those of you who want to add your own spin. Maybe it could become a life cycle? Moon Phases? Decorated to look like cookies or pizza? Maybe a homemade coaster set? So many versatile possibilities.For a 'do it yourself' version of this colour wheel click here

Measurements: (approx.)

17cm Diameter  x  1.8cm High 
7.5cm Diameter  x  6mm Thick


  • Set includes: 12 x Discs and 1 x stand
  • Wood:  Stand = Macrocarpa, Discs = Hardwood
  • Wood grain/pattern and colour will vary from set to set and may vary slightly from those shown in photos.
  • Hand Painted with VOC-Free non-toxic natural paint and finished in a light beeswax.


This product is crafted by us in our backyard workshop. Handcrafted items may have small imperfections. If you are wanting perfectly cut and sanded edges and everything in completely straight alignment/rows then this product may not be for you. We think it adds to the character, charm, and individual uniqueness of this resource.