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Pastel Coloured Block Set
Pastel Coloured Block Set

Pastel Coloured Block Set


This pastel coloured block set is less saturated than bright colours, making them feel light, soft and calming. 

Block play isn’t just great fun for stacking into towers, it helps to stimulate spatial thinking and helps develop creativity, fine motor skills, problem solving, logic and sensory awareness.

Wooden blocks have remained a family favourite and are an essential part of childhood play.  

 Measurements: (approx.)

Block  5cm square (rounded edges)


  • Set includes - 9 blocks and a cotton mesh storage bag
  • Wood: Birch (Hardwood). 
  • Suitable for 3 years+
  • Painted with VOC, non toxic natural paint
  • Finish = light coat of beeswax
Blocks may have some small imperfections, which only add to the uniqueness and character of the pieces.  If you are a bit of a perfectionist then these sets may not be right for you.


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