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Peg Doll Boats
Peg Doll Boats
Peg Doll Boats

Peg Doll Boats


Sailing the seven seas just became a little easier with our wooden peg doll boats. The perfect boat to accompany any ocean themed imaginative role play. Pair it with a one of our Enchanted Sea Playsilks and a handful of Peg Dolls, and set sail on a wonderful adventure. 

Measurements: (approx.)

Jumbo Peg Doll Boat 13cm Long x 6.8cm Wide x 1.8cm High
Small Peg Doll Boat
9.9cm Long x 5cm Wide x 1.8cm High


  • Sold individually - Price is for one boat only (accessories not included)
  • 2 Sizes available
  • Wood: NZ untreated Macrocarpa
  • Finish: Light coat of beeswax
  • Large Jumbo Boat suits our jumbo peg dolls 
  • Small Peg Boat suits our Large and small peg dolls
  • Not meant to go in the water.  Land use only!

Please note that this resource is crafted by us and may have some small imperfections, slight variations or differences which we feel only adds charm, uniqueness and character to this resource. Grain and colour patterns in the wood will vary from boat to boat and we cannot control these variations.