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Snowy Mountain Set

Snowy Mountain Set


Our mountains are handcrafted from rimu and pine.  They are cut, sanded, and the tops painted white with VOC free non toxic natural paint and finished with a light beeswax.  A wonderful addition as an accessory for a childs playscape mat, nature table or simply displayed on a shelf. 

Measurements (Approx.):

Rimu Mountain 14.5cm Long x 13.5cm High x 2.5cm Thick
Pine Mountain 13.5cm Long x 16.3cm High x 3cm Thick


  • No two mountain sets will be exactly the same - snow caps are hand painted and may vary in form/style to that shown in picture.  

Please note that this resource is handmade with love. If you are wanting perfectly cut and sanded edges and no tiny wood imperfections, then this item may not be right for you. The minor imperfections we think  adds to the character, charm, and uniqueness of this resource.