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Hardwood Wood Block 5cm - DIY

Hardwood Wood Block 5cm - DIY


These wood blocks are great for stacking into towers or for painting a puzzle onto each side. We'd love to see what cool ideas you come with! 

 Measurements: (approx.)

Block  5cm square


  • Sold individually - Price is per wood block.
  • Wood: Birch (Hardwood).
  • Wood grain/pattern and colour variation will occur. 
This product is part of our DIY (do it yourself) collection, so there may still be rough spots that need to be sanded.   As some people prefer sharper edges and points to their blocks we have not rounded the edges - you will need to do.  It is up to you to finish the sanding to your liking before decorating with paint or choice of finish. Please read the labels on paint and finishes to ensure they are child safe before use! 


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